Tuesday, September 29, 2009

When days are too short

(which is always the case), it is simply hard to sit down to update my bloggie.

Last week has been very full...

Martin has been sick; after 10 days he decided to go to the doc and antibiotics made him feel better almost instantly.

The devils and I got some jab at the doctor, for free... yeah I could get suspicious about that if I did not know him very well :P

The real bad piece of news of the week was when the car was taken off by the pound (fourrière?) and we had to pay 240 euros to get it back. Works were to be done in the street where we parked, and we did not see any sign about it. (sigh!!!)

Got more news about my next herman books to be published, finished my new collage, worked on my new online shop. I was to start with other projects (shops online, merchandising stuff), but at the moment I'm not into marketing stuff... lol

I'm the caricature of the one moved by inspiration night and day who just cannot stop working, getting piles of work done all around, not taking any time to try to sell it. Stupid? I don't know. When the inspiration just slows down, I will sell. :P

When inspiration's here, it's way too precious. You don't think twice, you just run run, never letting it go.

Talking of running, I went with my sport terminators (some of them are turning into friends now) to some kind of special training session on Sunday. I stopped after 3 intense hours, couldn't have done more, I really used all the energy I could, I think.
I would have never thought physical efforts could bring me so much.

Now well, I gotta reckon I'm a bit sick, caught the bad cold hiding in the corner. But mamas can't get sick really. no.
So I'm fine, and actually I can't wait to click on the publish button here on Blogger to go on with my new project, it's boiling in me.

I'm also preparing the birthdays of the devils. And god knows how not good I am at that. On 2 Saturdays in our miniflat, it will be supa stormy... can't wait! ;-) But the devils will LOVE it :)

Ok, the publish button is too tempting!
See ya here, there, on FB, wherever! :)

---> click!

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