Saturday, October 03, 2009

Paris by night, facebook and absynthe

Yesterday night I spent some great hours in a pub at La Bastille.

Martin and I decided it was not a problem for either of us if we had sometimes plans on our own. Yesterday I had such a plan, in a week Martin has such a plan. lol

Not that we don't like to spend our time together! lol! Just that sometimes, we have different plans. Yesterday his plan was to sit down and relax after some intense sport session. And I was invited to celebrate one of my friends' birthday in the district of La Bastille.

This *friend*, I had never met him before... lol yeah the "internet thingie".
We've developped some good friendship on (vade retro satanas) Facebook. We share common musical tastes and we both are active in some metal group on FB.

When he invited me to celebrate his birthday, I did not hesitate a second, it seemed natural. He's a friend!

So there I went, joined Christophe and his metal buddies. Haha! That was brilliant! We had the best beer, tequila and absynthe.
We talked about music, hope, politics. So great!

I instantly felt like part of the gang.

The internet is just brilliant. Such a *human* technology!

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