Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Loup's birthday party (second round :P)

Soooo... Loup will celebrate his 4rth birthday on Thursday, but already had *his* party (with lil friends) on Saturday.

I had forgotten that kids between 3 and 4 were not really autonomous. It was, for all of them (they were 7), their first party. They were SO cute! Each of them was still surrounded with how can I say... their own world. Imagination. So many sparkles in their eyes when they saw the candles on the cake! So much excitement when it was the time to open the gifts!

Loup was so happy! He had invited 3 girlfriends and 3 boyfriends. He was so excited to show his guns and swords! ... yet he still insisted I had to keep an eye over the cake so they do not eat all of it!

When I started to put children's songs on, oh that was so sweet. Every time there was one telling he/she knew the song. Started to sing in their own way, with their own words. Awww... my heart couldn't stop melting! hehe (sticky stuff!)

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