Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Loup's Birthday party & very busy Candy!

I'm running, but all the time.
I think that's the way I *work*. Went to sport in the early morning, went back there in the early evening, sent 2 paintings (had to pack them carefully before), managed to see friends on lunchtime, worked before, worked after, took Lola to her dance courses after school, had a glass of something -and a lil fight- with my mom... and finally here I am... blogging!

It feels good.

I've got an opportunity for children's illustration earlier this week. A very interesting one. But declined it. Am I right, am I wrong, I don't know. I am free. Nothing good would have come out of it, I just know it.

I'm working on t-shirts' design. Very exciting. I need more time.

Do you have magazines with meat pictures? I really need those for my next project.
If you find a photo of a big bloody piece of meat, send it to me pleaaaaase!

I think I'm going to make another post for Loup's party. LOL

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