Sunday, October 11, 2009

My shrimpette, queen of the day

Lola celebrated her 7th birthday on Friday!!!
She's such a beautiful lil woman, sensitive, curious, sweet and funny!

She and I get on very well, we laugh a lot (getting very girlie together and just having fun),and she talks a lot to me, never keeps anything for herself. I'm glad she feels that free with me and hope it will go on this way!
Yesterday night she was sick (poor baby, she just had too many cakes I fear), and had much pain in the stomach, she threw up a few times and then was only asking for my arms. Yesterday night she was like that beautiful baby born 7 years ago, vulnerable, counting on her mama.

With her papa, she's exploring the world. Martin's so patient, so dedcated to our babes. He will take all the time to explain them anything, to play with them, to teach them whatever they ask (might be cooking, making a sword, whatever).
She specially luuuves doing stuff, she alone and Martin. Like riding their bikes in Paris. She loves these lil moments when she has her papa for herself!

With Loup, haaa she's a perfect sister. She'll defend him against anything and anybody (sometimes against us! lol and Loup does the same!). They play a lot together. They're a good team, despite their very different personalities. And when Loup can't sleep at night, she'll quietly join him to reassure the lil devil. So sweet!

Lola had a big bday party on Saturday! It's a lot of preparation and organisation, but the result is so good! All these happy kids, playing, dancing (parle à ma main & ça m'énerve being their main request! hehe), laughing and screaming! I actually LOVE it (once or twice a year :P)

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Lola's been spoiled of course... and among all the treasures she got, she's been offered a REAL camera by her grand-parents (she LOVES making photos!). She was so surprised and happy. She did not expect it!

And she also got her first real thick book Cendorine et les dragons. I had no idea kids of 6, 7 years-old could read real books! When one of lola's friend told me she had finished this wonderful book of 250 pages... I was really surprised! woaaa! ... thought Lola could try... and she loves it! :)

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