Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One of the new projects

...under construction.

This one will be a collage, actually 4... one piece made of 4 different boards. I know what shall be in it, the theme, the ideas, the lil messages (=my personal touches), now gotta work on the composition of it.

For collages, the biggest part is all the preparation before, it's close to mathematics. You gotta be very careful, patient, gotta anticipate everything about the piece of paper you will use (its transformation or not, position, role, etc). There must be some kind of logic, even if you want to represent chaos. At least it work this way for me.

(mes p'tits papiers, hundreds, zillions of them)

And as I mentioned on FB, I found extra inspiration with the rocking Prokofiev. That does matter!

(hey boys, dance with swords if you want, just do not wear tights! It's a matter of ... *everything*! :P)

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