Tuesday, November 03, 2009

That was too much a quickie in Bretonie

4 days in Bretonie are not really enough to make a real break, but I won't complain ;-)
For 2 days, it's been so sunny and warm, we had bbqs, naps in the sun, and then when the weather was a bit less cooperative, we could work in the hobbit house :)

The kids had the time of their life with their cousins! Martin was just the happiest with his trees and good tobacco to enjoy in the sunset...

..and I, oh my best moment was when I couldn't sleep on Saturday morning. It was 5.00, then 6.00am... finally 7.00 when I jumped into my training shoes while the house was sleeping. I spent 15 long minutes swearing because it was still dark outside. Finally by 7.15am I was out -in the storm, in the rain, still in the darkness- ... running. And running. Loading my boiling batteries.
Oh yeah!
Been literally dancing among the falling leaves! (I had music with me, of course :P).

I worried that when I was running on the roads, the cars would not see me really. But there were no cars! :)

I could have run 3 hours I think. Stopped way before, just for lack of time. Fantastic moment. Martin thinks he only got the confirmation that I'm crazy. But hey, days are seriously so short! can't waste time.

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