Saturday, November 21, 2009

You give me fever

oh I wish! ... but not this way

The babes have been sick since the beginning of the week...

... and I, who never ever get sick, gets high fever now!

(photo réalisée sans trucage! m'enfin!)

pfff... Tomorrow morning I have like 3 hours of hard training with one of the worst (=best, hardest) trainer. I won't miss it.

I'll sleep in the afternoon with my babes. They both seem to feel better, which is good since they start to behave like wild lions caught in a cage here.

Ok, I had planed to tell you what a good time I've had yesterday with Gontran and his gang (the hot wine & irish coffee too), how happy I am that my painting, la grande Bouffe, is now in such good hands (happy sigh), that I've had so much fun today with body combat...

But I'm so kinda broken that I have no energy left to talk about all that.

hm... if you want to have a good excuse to not go to work on monday, just join us for a Sunday nap, you'll get infected, I swear it

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