Sunday, December 13, 2009

Big pleasure, lil frustration

I've finished this new work (how do you call a painting in 4 different parts??) that took so many days in its conception and realisation.

It will be my last piece for 2009. Next week I have to take notes for the 2 next projects that are already done in my mind (one funny and sexy, another more political, both collages). And I have to start to work SERIOUSLY on the new website that will be be very helpful for my biz.

Well I'm really happy with the way my work is going. It has changed SO much this year, just like I have changed, I think. I've still that shitty sense of humour (wavin @Jérôme) and increasing taste for boots, but I have actually changed a lot. A lot.

Anyway, I'm supa happy I've finished my last work, just frustrated that I cannot show it right now. I need proper light to make good pictures and I haven't had any good light today! grmmphh. Tomorrow, maybe?

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