Sunday, December 13, 2009

Climbing (on high) heels

that's the way I'll climb 2010. My new challenge (besides being a supa hype Parisian painter):P

I gotta try it. I gotta try wearing girls' shoes. I mean with heels.
That will be my first 2010 quest. lol, yeah I know I'm such a material one. Not so much though, taming these heels is another form of freedom I wanna reach. lol. I swear this is serious.

Besides, I'm a woman, and women are this way... they do fight for their rights AND try to walk on high heels sometimes. Our multitaskin' side, huh :P

I just wonder if I can walk with heels. Main point: it must look natural. lol
Will have to train hard!

Below, you get 2 pairs I've seen, the kind of *high* boots I could get.

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