Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Don't touch my body (huhu)

the *body touch* or how to make a a beautiful woman just ugly!

Yeah well, it's been weeks since I've had this VERY IMPORTANT mental note about these tights.

Gotta be girlie sometimes!

Hey guys, for a full view, it's right here :P

There's been so much publicity about them. Can't believe they sell something that ugly... hoping we girls can imagine we will feel supa comfortable AND sexy with these tights on!
Well ya know... there is some point, some limit you must not cross when it comes to comfort & sexyness.
This point is when an item is so "not sexy" that it will feel uncomfortable whatever you do. You know? no, ha well. lol. Just believe me!

PS: now tell me, do you find it sexy or is it me?

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