Saturday, December 05, 2009

Final touch about crepes

(Jérôme, I wanted to post all your pics and brilliant demonstration but -coughing- I deleted them in less time than I wanted! booooo :( )

Soo, most of you already know everything about my crepes last week (almost 50 comments about my bloody crepes on FB! food sells more than sex, it's a fact!)

After a big failure (see picture #1) ...

I've got Krysalia's recipe, the one from her grand-ma, the one that never fails! (wooohoooo)
So I try it, first crepe... ahum.... (see pic #2)
But then, a miracle, it worked (see pic #3)

and finally, oh finally, I've got happy devils (see pic #4)

Thank you so much miss Krysalia!

So generous, Jérôme also offered to help me with his own recipe. I've got hundreds of explicit pics (in case words would be slightly too complicated for me :P)... Including a pic of a beer, for a lil break (I should have thought about that!!!)

Yet, despite my gatitude for so much help, I'm happy I did not make any crepes with such big black holes!!! :P

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