Sunday, December 13, 2009

Loup, my lil poet

I'm fighting at the moment with Loup (4 year-old, huh), who's absolutely crazy for slang.
I really try to avoid bad words in front of him, but he can hear them anyway everywhere... and usually he uses them all the time (specially with the mothers of his lil friends...argg), except at school (he just said once bon app├ętit mon pote to his surprised teacher)

Yet sometimes with language he can be pretty funny. He's still at the age where he invents lots of words or repeat what he thinks is right, etc.

Today, he told me he LOVED "cloporte" **...???... ... He explained: "because she gives orders to many soldiers who have DEADLY weapons" (oh! lol, of course -shaking head-)

**(cloporte is the french word for woodlouse)

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