Thursday, December 17, 2009


Today, i've got a call. It was Michelle, my American close & sweet friend, who married my cousin, Frédéric.
And who lives just near.

Oh you would know them, you would love them. They're so caring, they're so concerned, so friendly, generous, open-minded. The kind of persons you can count on. Really. And there are not so many of them you know.

**happy happy sigh**

Today Michelle called... she said she had Christmas presents for us.

Michelle brought me a CHEESECAKE! no kidding! Michelle cooked a cheesecake for us! She saw my Facebook status the other day about me craving for cheesecakes and she did it.
Made my greedy dream come true.
And you know how American cheesecakes are... the very best ones!

And she also brought me a bottle for sport (you know?) and a bottle of champ'!
no kidding!

I feel like... oh waw... it moves me to tears that Michelle did all that for us.
I am so lucky.

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