Monday, December 21, 2009

A world of whipped cream

that's what I felt during our 17 hours trip (instead of 9) from Paris to Hamburg.
Well last year we crashed the car, somehow it's been better! :P

I drove like 6 hours, many accidents around, live, in front of us, had never driven in snow storms. It was hmmm a good experience! ... Once in a Candy's life!

Today, I needed a strong something to recover, so I bought supa high heels shoes (lol), and went to have good fun with the kids on sledges!

It's been a pretty good day. And now it's almost mdnight, I'm in front of terminator Salvation (action movie for action candy, huh :P) and I'd better hurry to post this bloggie or I won't understand anything again! (past vs future thingie, always tough for me!)

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