Monday, May 25, 2009

A very first time (it had to be a quickie naturally :P)

We left on Friday very early and came back on Saturday afternoon.

We had planned to spend 1 night, our very first night in the hobbit house, just for pleasure and fun (and personally to check the level of me posh one :P)

Because we had a great weather... it was fun!
We could work much more than when we stay in the family house a few kilometres away from there.

Too bad I couldn't bring back many photos... *one of us* had push the button of *over-exposed* quality on the cam, and we get really ugly pictures! lol specially outside (I kept telling Martin it was oh so sunny and hot that I couldn't make proper photos! hehe... bloody cam and buttons)

The kids loved it there.

As for comfort, for eating it was fine, really

No need for a fridge on such a short period of time, the house was cool enough.

For sleeping, we had a matress for 4, under the roof, with so much dust around... we did not sleep well but it was kinda fun.

No bathroom, no electricity circuit installed, that was a problem, specially with the kids (lol I never said I was an adventurer!)

But hey, that was not so bad for a first time! We had lunch outside, in front of the river, dinner in front of the fireplace... could be much worse ;-)

click here

My heart will not beat the same way ...

... at least for a week!

Lola has left early this morning with her teacher and lil friends for 1 week (of party, countryside, poney etc!)

It's the first time I say goodbye to my shrimpette, knowing, rather not knowing how she will "live" for a week.
6 years old, it's young to be separated from her mama for real life stuff, no?

Well as soon as she was in the bus she had already forgotten us, showing her barbie book and make-up.. hehe... that's what matters, that she gets fun!

She did not want to take her teddies with her... but asked for my huge winter scarf, the one that smells my perfume she says :)

She's so cute!

Ha well, Loup will keep us busy anyway, he's an energy lil sucker, getting in such terrible mood sometimes... but he is so cuddly and so funny!

yesterday he was having his bath and kept showing me he was really a *sport dude*, he said I should try what he shows below in my fitness club, that would be the best for me! hehe

half full or half empty, hm?

I woke up last week, and this happened on my birthday, when the phone rang... 7.00am, holiday in France... strange! Who would phone that early?

Asked Martin too get up (as usual lol) to check if someone was really impatient to wish my birthday, but telling it as a joke.

It was Benoit calling from beauDiful Canada! Oh yeah! My day couldn't start a better way :)

I'm 35 now ...

(hehe I RILLY forced melself to not laugh on the pic, I'm feeling so happy!)

35, I'm lucky it's cool, I love being thirty five, feeling 20, no, wait 18, 14 when I tell jokes, ok! :P

I'm feeling really good, get the most adorable family and the best friends I could dream of... could just win lottery and the picture would be perfect :P

The glass is very very much half full, gotta drink it by the way :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A label made my day!

Yesterday I bought new jeans, not too expensive 20 euros... I have about 6 pairs of jeans here but they're all a bit too large now. Really can't wear them.

Anyway, I bought them, was happy to have found them (jeans, really it's even worse than shoes, very hard to find some who fit when you don't have a regular tall-thin shape!)

so there you go, normal pair of jeans:

When I tried them, Martin cut the labels from them.
Then he said, "oh but you've bought a SLIM ?"

Lemme check that, I answered...

I bought a slim!
I did not know!
hehe, I have a slim, which is such a good joke (I have a body made for everything but a "slim"!)
Woaaaa I thought anyway that would make a great post on my bloggie (comme je vais me la péter avec mon slim! niark niark)

Zillions of flowers

10 euros for 5 bouquets... such a price, I'll never get used to it!
(happy sigh)

This time we got roses and lysanthus :)

but the most beauDiful flower is definitely this one ;-)

Wisdom, twins, and a surprise!

Been a busy week, sorry I'm not being original...
...though I wish I could just type that I've spent 3 days burning in the sun and drinking tequila sunrise, but nenene.
It does not work this way :)

I've got at least time to work a lot on my new project and will get back to it after my "blogger session" :)

She went back to the swimming pool 2 days ago... She was very nervous, asked me to come with her there... I refused with a broken heart (I want her to know she can succeed without me around, you know?).
Her teacher knew the situation, I had also talked with the few parents who went there, and Lola was very well surrounded.
Everything went perfect! She was changed of group (joined those who are still learning to swim and who have fun playing in water ;-).
A relief!
Phewww :)

I've a very good friend at the fitness club, it's like there is much complicity between she and I, just the kind of complicity you got when you were at school, laughing, winking, telling jokes when the teacher was turning his back etc.
I see her there when I follow the courses, and it's never boring. We make a good pair and share our fun with the lil grannies there :)

The only strange thing is that she hates internet, she finds it boring! //oO\\ which makes me laugh naturally! :)

Instead of studying like at school, we just do exercise, adding some singing and dancing to it. So good.
She is 27 and student in literature/sociology at la Sorbonne.
We realized the other day that we had the same gyno! lol
hehe, I mean, how often do you meet someone with who you get on well and have the same doctor, hm? okok
We both hate driving, she has her driving license since a couple of years but still drive every Sunday with her dad to feel comfortable.

Oh and we just realized that we were born on the same day! haha! Well she was only born a couple of years after me huhu... hehe... but hey same day! Which provoked another good laugh the other day. Dunno why I share that here but I felt like it :)

Yesterday morning I had some appointment with a (taking my dictionary here) stomatologist recommended by my dentist.
On a Saturday morning... (yawn)
I had another wisdom tooth to remove and it was like time to do it. So I took a first rendez-vous.
I arrived 2 minutes late, but hadn't had to wait a minute there (cool!)... The specialist was nice, friendly. He watched a scan of my teeth, asked me if I wanted the tooth to be removed now... I wasn't prepared for bloody surgery (hehe I don't exaggerate trust me!), but when he told me it would take 20 minutes maximum, I said yeah ok.

20 minutes later, I was smiling at the mirror, cleaning the blood that was still on my face.
I paid 90 euros (I expected a LOT more than that... a specialist working on Saturdays, in a classy place near the city hall of the 15th arrondissement!)

And it did not hurt at all (got enough injections to avoid it anyway)

I'm still on painkillers which rather makes me sea-sick and sleepy than anything else, but that was the best experience I've got with a "tooth specialist" :)

My mom and her hubby spent the weekend in Paris, moving in a new little flat. They came back to Britanny earlier today where they discovered... an adorable lil new born one!
We have our first baby sheep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will show you pic asap!
I can't wait!
The father, César, is a bit hmmmm violent with the baby if I understood well (which is a typical reaction it seems from the species), and I'm not sure who's the mom, Scarlet or Rosalie. I think it's Scarlet. (editwrong: the mama is the shy Rosalie! :-)
These sheep are already so small that you can't tell if they're pregnant or not!
We had no idea!
That's so cool! :)

here's a lil one with the happy papa and mama:

wishing you all a fantastic week!

Octopus Powa

Have I ever introduced Gijs on here? Not sure... But some of you know him from Facebook, huh :)

A good friend of us, living in Finland. Very friendly, clever, funny ! ... the qualities my friends usually get (OK I'm done with compliment for 2009! hope you all enjoyed :D)

Gijs is an "internet" friend (though that sounds so*cold*!), we met for real last month and shared a very good time together!

Gijs was travelling to Greece, and we got yesterday a postcard from there...

a *collectionnable* postcard you see... and definitely one of the best (kitsch one, do I need to precise! lol) I've got :

LOL just brilliant!

Monday, May 11, 2009

baby snail, jigsaw, Guingamp, etc :)

Life can be such a fast train, hardly any time to sit down, relax, take some distance on what's happening, well... except when I write on my bloggie :D

Last week has been a *cooking* week.... Lola's teacher organises a 1 week trip soon for Lola's classroom. Some can't afford the trip so they decided to sell cakes and collect the money to help those who need it.
So we've been cooking lots of cakes, and buying LOTS of cakes, and eating simply too many cakes :)

Talking of sugar, Jérôme came to visit us..... with delicious chocolates last week . We spent a very good time together, despite his hmmmmm very unique jokes :P

And Jérôme might become a neighbour in the future! That would be so cool!

Then we left for Bretonie, where we got 1 hour of heavy rains, just when we arrived (to be sure I'll start the weekend in good mood ;-)

Then it was really sunny. Walking barefoot on the grass felt wonderful!
When Bretonie is so welcoming, then you never regret 4 hours driving...

click here

click here

We also managed to work pretty much in the hobbit house... finished the endless painting of a bloody ceiling...

We went on building the walls of the bathroom... (Gawd, so much work to do when you have to do everything yourself!)... Plaster sheets are SO heavy, so fragile, but very practical!

We've found the tiles too that will come on the plaster parts... yellow almost white, orange, darker orange..

I think at the end of summer, I will be able to have a bath in the lovely bathtub... can't wait!

Oh, and for once, I've worked in the upper garden, it's just... the weather was so good, I had to be outside!

Martin has made a lil movie, another visit of the house with Loup presenting each room... So scary to see all the work that still has to be done! If I get the time I'll put it on here, it's quite funny and good :)

PS: I was to forget about Guinguamp... 2 Bretonish teams for the French soccer final, I couldn't escape soccer this time ;-)... the atmosphere was not bad at all, we even had fun, but really... sucks!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

A week in 15 words or so

It's been a great week.

Received our taxes forms to fill, taxes, electricity & gas bills to pay.

It's been a good week!

-with a three days weekend, huh

-with a Lola stopping having nightmares. Lola went to swimming pool 3 weeks ago with school. She's been selected in the group of the "good ones", despite the fact she does not know yet how to swim.
Well, she's got a very bad experience. Was sent into water and just went downwards without being able to do anything! You don't have instinct in water when you're a kid, oh not at all. She spent like a few long seconds under the water before she was rescued. Since then, she's scared :( Terrified!

Martin took Lola yesterday to the same swimming pool, so that she can get used to it again in a comfortable way. She loved it.
Had no nightmare, first time in 3 weeks! :)

-with the very Bretonish Jerome visiting us! He, Remi Gaillard and I spent a great moment! Oh he comes back tomorrow for a short visit! yeepeeee!

-with a family lunch at my grand-ma's, a great moment with her and my sister's lil family. One of my favourite family ritual :)

-with a first experience earlier today at *body combat* ... nothing violent in it, just very physical, ya need a pretty good heart to not collapse! ;-)

And it's been a great week because about a hundred other reasons. I am very lucky.

Paris is not that bad! ;-)

... well if you forget that living in Paris is awfully expensive, then you'll notice Paris is quite ok, for the rest (talking prices here).

I mean, you can dress and eat for quite cheap (you have so much choice anyway, you can always find cheaper stuff!)
... When I go to eat at JB's, I pay what, 8 euros! When I buy the best bikini I've ever bought, I pay 18 euros!
When I want to buy "average flowers" I can buy 5 bouquets for 10 euros!
I can take the kids in many different, exciting places for really not much.

etc etc.

We wouldn't have a bloody rent to pay, Life would be quite easy in Paris.
I've just realized that, really. Paris is not that *that* expensive, if you forget about the main detail ;-)

Can you guess...

...why,behind this smile below, I am so happy?

The answer is on the picture, itself.
Well you can guess only if you read every pots I write since at least 2 months!

huhu :D

(the one who finds the answer will get.......... a tagada!)