Friday, October 30, 2009

From Bretonie with love

just a quickie...

..from a very sunny Bretagne! I'm spending a couple of days around here, breathing fresh air, drinking... not sparkling water.

The devils are having the time opf their life. That is so good!

Tomorrow my sister will join us and the family, that will be kewl. A funny Halloween to come.

I gotta work too, might do it if it ever rains.

My Austrian customer (who bought "envie de Sue Shee") received it and was so happy. His warm feed back really made my day. Was very tempted with my political collages. Very motivating. :)

Ha well, I hope you're all doing well!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just can't translate this DEVILISH one!

Ok, this has to be in French, because it's Loup speaking and that's precisely the way he speaks that is fun!

Loup, when he plays with cards, doesn't talk of the jester ("joker"), not even of le fou du roi...

... but le fou du RAT !!!

Well, hehe... given the fact I'm not into King's stuff, Not into President's stuff, not into anything close to politics stuff... I'll let Loup using these words. Besides, that makes cards' games really fun!

Beauty & the Beast

is my new painting. There are themes that comes back regularly now in my paintings... it's not that I'm used to these themes, just can't get enough of them! Religion, Power, Freedom, Liberty, Sensuality, Fantasy.

click here

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pussy powa !

Honestly, I've been listening again and again to the last Rammstein album... and it is soooooo good! ...Their pussy title included! I LOVE it (now). Really do.

So the fantastic album cover corresponds to what's inside.

Some absoBLOODYlutely good stuff, with titles like Rammlied, Waidmanns heil, Mehr or Pussy that I do LOVE.

Can't wait for their concert!

Loup's birthday party (second round :P)

Soooo... Loup will celebrate his 4rth birthday on Thursday, but already had *his* party (with lil friends) on Saturday.

I had forgotten that kids between 3 and 4 were not really autonomous. It was, for all of them (they were 7), their first party. They were SO cute! Each of them was still surrounded with how can I say... their own world. Imagination. So many sparkles in their eyes when they saw the candles on the cake! So much excitement when it was the time to open the gifts!

Loup was so happy! He had invited 3 girlfriends and 3 boyfriends. He was so excited to show his guns and swords! ... yet he still insisted I had to keep an eye over the cake so they do not eat all of it!

When I started to put children's songs on, oh that was so sweet. Every time there was one telling he/she knew the song. Started to sing in their own way, with their own words. Awww... my heart couldn't stop melting! hehe (sticky stuff!)

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Loup's Birthday party & very busy Candy!

I'm running, but all the time.
I think that's the way I *work*. Went to sport in the early morning, went back there in the early evening, sent 2 paintings (had to pack them carefully before), managed to see friends on lunchtime, worked before, worked after, took Lola to her dance courses after school, had a glass of something -and a lil fight- with my mom... and finally here I am... blogging!

It feels good.

I've got an opportunity for children's illustration earlier this week. A very interesting one. But declined it. Am I right, am I wrong, I don't know. I am free. Nothing good would have come out of it, I just know it.

I'm working on t-shirts' design. Very exciting. I need more time.

Do you have magazines with meat pictures? I really need those for my next project.
If you find a photo of a big bloody piece of meat, send it to me pleaaaaase!

I think I'm going to make another post for Loup's party. LOL

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Farewell, la Comtesse

She was the oldest of my girlfriends at sport. 83 years old.

She was an actress when younger, played in lots of theatres in Paris.
She was fond of her daughter and grand-daughter who both worked for TV (they're *voices* for cartoons).

She was so active, so talkative, very feminist. She followed some training courses with the softest Terminators, she followed as she could. That was really cute. She was teasing the trainers all the time, and they played her game, they loved her.

Each time she saw me, she always had these same words: "B., do you ever get tired? Always see you running, lifting weights and sweating! Keep the rythm, girl!"

La Comtesse (as we all called her) feared one day she wouldn't be able to train anymore, and said this would kill her.
She died before it happened.

And the memory remains :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My shrimpette, queen of the day

Lola celebrated her 7th birthday on Friday!!!
She's such a beautiful lil woman, sensitive, curious, sweet and funny!

She and I get on very well, we laugh a lot (getting very girlie together and just having fun),and she talks a lot to me, never keeps anything for herself. I'm glad she feels that free with me and hope it will go on this way!
Yesterday night she was sick (poor baby, she just had too many cakes I fear), and had much pain in the stomach, she threw up a few times and then was only asking for my arms. Yesterday night she was like that beautiful baby born 7 years ago, vulnerable, counting on her mama.

With her papa, she's exploring the world. Martin's so patient, so dedcated to our babes. He will take all the time to explain them anything, to play with them, to teach them whatever they ask (might be cooking, making a sword, whatever).
She specially luuuves doing stuff, she alone and Martin. Like riding their bikes in Paris. She loves these lil moments when she has her papa for herself!

With Loup, haaa she's a perfect sister. She'll defend him against anything and anybody (sometimes against us! lol and Loup does the same!). They play a lot together. They're a good team, despite their very different personalities. And when Loup can't sleep at night, she'll quietly join him to reassure the lil devil. So sweet!

Lola had a big bday party on Saturday! It's a lot of preparation and organisation, but the result is so good! All these happy kids, playing, dancing (parle à ma main & ça m'énerve being their main request! hehe), laughing and screaming! I actually LOVE it (once or twice a year :P)

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Lola's been spoiled of course... and among all the treasures she got, she's been offered a REAL camera by her grand-parents (she LOVES making photos!). She was so surprised and happy. She did not expect it!

And she also got her first real thick book Cendorine et les dragons. I had no idea kids of 6, 7 years-old could read real books! When one of lola's friend told me she had finished this wonderful book of 250 pages... I was really surprised! woaaa! ... thought Lola could try... and she loves it! :)

La grande bouffe

is the title of my new work. Something I wanted to do since ages! The different topics.. pretty attractive ones!

click here for full view

Oh it's a redhead again! lol (not me , I eat without a fork & fight with my fists! ;-)
I actually only paint red or black hair, both fitting to different topics. It's a visual choice! :D

Salut m'sieur youtube

I have a request. and a confession.

Confession: I sure love you, I spend time with you everyday!

Request: if you could create something better just than "rating videos", that would help and save a looooot of time!... like "high quality vid" vs "crap vid". Because when it comes to music for instance (huhu) there are so many bad vids. It's like pollution!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Haaa now that was fun!

Just got that from my American friend (and cousin!) Michelle... That was pretty funny, hope you enjoy :D

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Alleluia? Nope!

Lola and Loup were watching one of their supa heros earlier, Mr Bean, and at some point, he was singing at church a loud Alleluia.... Lola started to sing some alleNNnnnnuia...hehe... and then it was Loup's turn: he started to sing a very loud:

"Aaaaallez Lolaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

... (well if you check the vid, at minute 5.20, it REALLY sounds like that!)

What a wonderful interpretation! haha! I'm a proud mama, always! :)

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Paris by night, facebook and absynthe

Yesterday night I spent some great hours in a pub at La Bastille.

Martin and I decided it was not a problem for either of us if we had sometimes plans on our own. Yesterday I had such a plan, in a week Martin has such a plan. lol

Not that we don't like to spend our time together! lol! Just that sometimes, we have different plans. Yesterday his plan was to sit down and relax after some intense sport session. And I was invited to celebrate one of my friends' birthday in the district of La Bastille.

This *friend*, I had never met him before... lol yeah the "internet thingie".
We've developped some good friendship on (vade retro satanas) Facebook. We share common musical tastes and we both are active in some metal group on FB.

When he invited me to celebrate his birthday, I did not hesitate a second, it seemed natural. He's a friend!

So there I went, joined Christophe and his metal buddies. Haha! That was brilliant! We had the best beer, tequila and absynthe.
We talked about music, hope, politics. So great!

I instantly felt like part of the gang.

The internet is just brilliant. Such a *human* technology!

Friday, October 02, 2009

A first time, a wonderful one

Now there's a lil man who knows how to talk to his mama!

We were sharing a cuddle in front of some cartoon the other day... and Loup started to whisper in my ear:

Maman, je t'aime je t'aime je t'aime, je t'aime plus haut que le ciel!

awww.. he's never used these words before!
so sweet

I'm such a happy mama, such a lucky one!!!