Friday, November 27, 2009

The mask

So I've been a nurse for hmm 10 days now.
Well, I've been sick too in between but who cares when "nurses" get sick.

The babes are still coughing but they're ok. Martin is recovering now from the *popular flu*. I'm sick of it. Sick of hearing about it. Sick of people asking what it feels to get "the flu", people who feels proud to have *the* flu, sick of the media, sick of the paranoia. (told you I was sick!)

For Martin it's been a bit harder... well you know how most men are when they're sick, don't you? Death is not far -for whom the bell tolls-, etc.

Anyway, after high temp and lots of coughing, Martin's feeling better (He does not seem to know it, but I do! lol)


The surprise-surprise lunch

So there he was! Jérôme was in Paris on Thursday and I was not to miss him!
He joined for a quick lunch. No sparkling water allowed, naturally. Bretonie powa! :P

Next time (really soon I'm sure :P) the Parisian gang must join (Mel, Gijs, Lune, etc!)
Mel' we tried to reach you on time but... it did not work and we couldn't drink anymore beer :D

edit: I got that pic from my partner in crime to illustrate that post. huhu (I think of my reputation as a beer drinker: a disaster!) I tried to *floutch* the beer holder, but I'm not sure I'm very anonymous...

Like mother, like daughter

Lola's first real boots! :P

they rock! I think I want the same :D

Lola and Victoria

I know that lil girls always have that dream of turning into a real princess some day.
Same with Lola.
My plan is to keep repeating her she's already a princess so she can even have different dreams if she wants.

But Lola sticks to the princess stuff.

She saw *Victoria* (non je ne matte pas la roue de la fortune, oh!) earlier today, and explained to her papa: "I want to look like her because she has long hair. And because she's pretty. Like mom" ... Ha les yeux de l'amour! :)

Then Lola concentrated and added: "I think her name is (she told it in English): ....Girl !!! LOL that was the best, the most brilliant conclusion. My clever lil princess :)

Love story

My boots and I.
It's getting colder and colder, and I'm just getting higher! The season's back for real boots. I've counted them, I have 12 pairs of them. Finally, it's not that much (shrugging). (that's what I thought, I need more!)

Among the series under, 2 pairs found in the US, 1 in Italy and one in France.
3 of my favorite pairs are among them. Which pair is the one I could wear everyday? Which one I almost never wear? Which is your favorite?

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(yeah I know, you're so bored to death that you might even play my lil game)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Under (big) construction, part 2

It's funny because this new collage... I've worked on it since, I dunno, a month maybe. The ideas, the composition, the colours, the papers. Now I feel like a *shaker*, gotta mix everything to get the best cocktail.

It takes time.

I finished a big part with the acrylic colours. But that is like putting the first liquor in the cocktail! lol

I hope my 4 canvas will be done by the end of the week. I'm getting back to them now. It's always a bit scary (I never know what will happen next) but so exciting.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

You give me fever

oh I wish! ... but not this way

The babes have been sick since the beginning of the week...

... and I, who never ever get sick, gets high fever now!

(photo réalisée sans trucage! m'enfin!)

pfff... Tomorrow morning I have like 3 hours of hard training with one of the worst (=best, hardest) trainer. I won't miss it.

I'll sleep in the afternoon with my babes. They both seem to feel better, which is good since they start to behave like wild lions caught in a cage here.

Ok, I had planed to tell you what a good time I've had yesterday with Gontran and his gang (the hot wine & irish coffee too), how happy I am that my painting, la grande Bouffe, is now in such good hands (happy sigh), that I've had so much fun today with body combat...

But I'm so kinda broken that I have no energy left to talk about all that.

hm... if you want to have a good excuse to not go to work on monday, just join us for a Sunday nap, you'll get infected, I swear it

In the darkness of the night,...

...when I get back to my brushes and colours and papers (like just right now)... silence would kill my inspiration.

I need inspiring notes, always.

Watch Theatre of Tragedy-a Distance there is in Musique  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One of the new projects

...under construction.

This one will be a collage, actually 4... one piece made of 4 different boards. I know what shall be in it, the theme, the ideas, the lil messages (=my personal touches), now gotta work on the composition of it.

For collages, the biggest part is all the preparation before, it's close to mathematics. You gotta be very careful, patient, gotta anticipate everything about the piece of paper you will use (its transformation or not, position, role, etc). There must be some kind of logic, even if you want to represent chaos. At least it work this way for me.

(mes p'tits papiers, hundreds, zillions of them)

And as I mentioned on FB, I found extra inspiration with the rocking Prokofiev. That does matter!

(hey boys, dance with swords if you want, just do not wear tights! It's a matter of ... *everything*! :P)

What do you do if...

someone has a heart-attack in front of you. You hurry to help and discover this tattoo... do you just stop and say ok, that's what this old lil woman want, shrugs and wait... or do you fight for her life, against her volunty.

I guess we want to respect her choice, but in the facts, I'm not sure I wouldn't try to help. And then you have to determine what "resuscitate" means really... bringing someone back from Death? So when the heart stops for a few minutes, can we consider the person's dead?


Don't get this tat', it makes things complicate! :P

needs you help!

it's not too late, I can still make a soup for my sick devils today.
But a soup to me is... adding disgusting powder to boiling water.

I decided I'd be a real cooking mama for once... so just tell me how I do? I think I tried last year, once... you just throw whatever vegetables in boiling water and just wait for a miracle to happen? yeah?

ok, I'll do it this way, sounds like soup-ish enough.

(Clever girls above! Which lady would want that soup anyway! :D)

...ok, now let's see how the kitchen and I can work together.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Les Halles on high heels etc.

Today was Lola and I's day.

After sport, I took Lola to les Halles.. where we had a really *girls they just wanna have fun* time.

That was perfect. During the whole week I did not feel so good, physically speaking. Really "weak", yeah that's the word. Very bad nights, belly aches, headaches, etc. Well, except during the training sessions where I found some hidden energy.

But today, I've started to feel better. I was surprised:)
(conclusion... shopping & health are obviously linked :P)

My shopping quest? ... I was looking for a leather jacket, a black one. Found it. And a pullover, so warm and comfortable :)

But the best part was Lola and I being very girlie! trying shoes, clothes, make up, icecreams, strawberries and mascarpone, etc.

click here

hehe yeah that was fookin good. A precious moment with my lovely shrimpette (who has just caught the *shoes virus*, all my fault!)

When work leads me to strange lands

You know that song, Venus in Fur, well... I had no idea it came from a book!
And that... the author of that book gave his name to masochism!

Wait wait, I'm not into it (well I could be, that wouldn't be a problem)... but the thing is that if there's one Venus I've always wanted to paint... it's this one.

So I bought the book. I gotta read it to *feel* the character. I cross my bits though, I don't want her to be too bad, too hard, too cold, too much a (literally) pain in the ass :P

Well, now if anyone had read it before... that would save me precious time :P

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Petit Plaisir

Oh fook, it's past midnight and I haven't eaten yet! (sigh) (shaking head) boo ooooo

anyway, who cares! (but my stomach)

so there is this song, by Chris Cornell (ex Audioslave)... I often hear it on my radio, and it is so much a JAMES BOND song. So sexy. I really loved Casino Royal and really hated Quantum...

Well anyway, it's stuck in my mind since a few days. Who cares? but my ears :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The ultimate plan for tomorrow

is .... not trying to explain war to Lola. She kept crying the whole evening thinking about her grand grand-father who died there, the other one who was prisoner, etc.
That happened after we saw a WW1 commemoration in front of the city hall. Just explained her it was to remember about those who died at war.

That was enough to break her lil heart! :(
She said she would pray for the Dead (that was my other shock of the day)... how come she gets such a strange idea! lol
But of course I let her do so.

Anyway.. the ultimate plan for tomorrow is:

je fais ma belle au bois dormant si je veux d'abord! :P

I'm raide dead today.
Well I know, I somehow work too much (lol, but I never sell enough of course!), I work too late, and, right ... I just make too much sport.

Tomorrow, no sport, I'm being reasonable, see:)

As for work, I've just finished two paintings on Sunday. I'm being offered a place to make an exhibition in the 9th district, whenever I want. So cool! But I gotta find the time to think about it.

My big big weakness: I keep creating, can't stop. The "white page" syndrome that the writers can get... I don't have it. AT ALL! lol... Lots of paintings, collages are already made in my mind. Just have to find the time to make them on the canvas!

I like Life this way anyway. I need to run, to feel days are too short and same with nights.


Watta big boy!

I know, I know the whole world is not so much ready for this piece of news but...: my baby boy PEES like a real man!

I noticed it in the early morning... he was standing, talking to me, and peeing!

I called Martin, that was so moving (to me! lol)! I kept telling Loup he was such a big boy, when Martin added that yeah he was a big boy, peeing about everywhere around!

tssss (shrugging)

Changing topic, kinda, my big boy found a new cat for the family in Bretonie...

He decided the cat was a girl and her name would be *chatoncâlindamour*! Such a big boy!!! :-) :-)

Monday, November 09, 2009

Shhhht... just take off your sweater! -for Christ's sake-

Soooo... on Sunday, we visited my sister and grand-ma.

My beloved grand-mother is MUCH into God stuff.

She does not know how much I don't believe anymore, and I find it useless to tell her. I don't want to break her heart, you know. I love her so much.

Anyway, when we went out of the car, I noticed Martin's sweater....

No kidding, a cross with a devil on it! (yummy)

me: "Martin, you can't see my grand-ma with this sweater, she's gonna have a heart-attack!!!!"

Martin: "so what do I do, huh?"

me: "you just take it off of course"

Martin: "but it's 4°C !!!"

Me: "So???" .. lol... "ok, ok, you keep crossing your arms whenever my grand-ma stands in front of you, right?"

And Martin did it. Was so nice of him. My sister and brother-in-law couldn't stop laughing while I was fighting to focus my grand-mother's attention on anything but Martin!

hey, grand-mothers are precious!!! I've only one left! :)

PS: by the way, I do LOVE Danzig! lol

Pink vs Black

My shrimpette is so delicate, such a lil lady! I'm sooo kinda the opposite. lol

But I confess I do enjoy letting Lola follow her own inspiration. I think lil girls need to construct themselves and feeling like a princess is very important. That's the way every woman should feel anyway.

I've never felt this way when I was a lil one... But with Lola's help, I'm just improving everyday :)

Dessiner c'est (pas) gagné

I just had to put this pic, because... when Lola had her birthday last month, we had this little moment, couldn't stop laughing.

Loup, you know can be really bad-tempered. And when we started this game ("guess what I'm drawing") for Lola's friends, it was just too frustrating for Loup. He had to play.

So, right, of course we let him do so.

He concentrated a lot, then started drawing.

Lola's friends made huge efforts trying to guess. Nobody found and Loup refused to tell us the answer (what a stubborn lil one!)

..hehe... any idea??

Tonight's the night

I'm updating my bloggie!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

That was too much a quickie in Bretonie

4 days in Bretonie are not really enough to make a real break, but I won't complain ;-)
For 2 days, it's been so sunny and warm, we had bbqs, naps in the sun, and then when the weather was a bit less cooperative, we could work in the hobbit house :)

The kids had the time of their life with their cousins! Martin was just the happiest with his trees and good tobacco to enjoy in the sunset...

..and I, oh my best moment was when I couldn't sleep on Saturday morning. It was 5.00, then 6.00am... finally 7.00 when I jumped into my training shoes while the house was sleeping. I spent 15 long minutes swearing because it was still dark outside. Finally by 7.15am I was out -in the storm, in the rain, still in the darkness- ... running. And running. Loading my boiling batteries.
Oh yeah!
Been literally dancing among the falling leaves! (I had music with me, of course :P).

I worried that when I was running on the roads, the cars would not see me really. But there were no cars! :)

I could have run 3 hours I think. Stopped way before, just for lack of time. Fantastic moment. Martin thinks he only got the confirmation that I'm crazy. But hey, days are seriously so short! can't waste time.

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