Monday, January 25, 2010

Next Tat' !

I will soon visit my tattooist to add more colours to my swallow tattoo. He told me he had new great colours and it will be perfect for my existing tattoo.
Sounds cool to me!

Then, what will I chose for my next tattoo?
I would like more tats on my lower back but then, I don't *see* them! frustrating.
I think I'll do more on the arms.
I find tats on the arms for a woman sexy enough (lol, no comment thanks!)
I don't want anything on the breast, anything on the stomach (so far), anything on the legs.

What am I looking for? something visually pretty, that's more important than the symbol to me. I prefer a pretty flower tattooed on my skin than a tribal drawing meaning how wise I am (not :P). Not something hilarious either, that's for sure, lol. Yicks!

So here are my very first choice, but I might turn to ol' school tats, hearts, anchors, etc.

Ok, these ones are pretty symbolic enough, i'm not just a blond one huh! :P

Yeah yeah I've found what I want! I hope my tattooist will find it kewl too!
It will be about what you get above, with more colours :P
I've tried a design with my graphic tablet on one of my photos... and it's very kewl. There will be a skull with wings, surrounded with flowers. I'll add it under my swallow.
On the opposite shoulder there will be a red bleeding heart, with wings.

I already have rendez-vous next week to add colours to my swallow :-)

PS: someone contacted me to ask if he could get this one tattooed on his skin! Of course I agreed :P

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