Sunday, January 31, 2010

A pretty bad week & Little shameful pleasures

it's been a bad week, not THAT bad but bad enough. I've been REALLY sick On Thursday, not for long, 24 hours, but reaaaaaally sick. fever, vertigo, sick stomach.

And taking care of one's devils when you feel that (sea)sick is a kind of challenge. Took me 2 days to recover fully... and stole all my energy for work **sigh**.

But anyway, it was short, and I've fully recovered!

As I've been sick, I've listened not the kind of music I usually enjoy... tada: time for the little shameful pleasures :P

well, ok, Lily Allen, Britbrit and m'am Gaga are still in my top 5 of petits plaisirs honteux"

Bad Romance...olala! lol

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