Monday, January 04, 2010

What's next?

Woaaa this end of the year has been supa speed for me!
Two great weeks abroad, going out a LOT... having great times with the devils!

Then we came back to Paris on the 1st of january, organised a first party at home on the 2nd, was broken by sport on the 3rd. LOL
2010 might some kind of supa active year!

I still have some Xmas party to attend (with my dad & sista) at the end of the week (gotta make xmas shopping again! booooooooooooo), some sport challenge on the same weekend.

I have to find a new grail (pair of boots -lol-), I've to work on my new projects (those which are done already in my mind at least)... Freedom being so much involved in them now, that matters more than anything I think. Breaking chains, constantly. At least, trying. Just to breathe.

... oh, and maybe find some time to rest. But really that is the last of my priorities! :P

PS: if I could add a personal little wish.... I wanna travel! far! I wanna cross oceans!
I want crazy moments and bad jokes
I wanna watch all the seasons I've missed of my favorite series
I wanna finish the book that has influenced me so much
I wanna watch movies that will make me scream and cry and shout and *happy sigh*
I wanna get perfect at body attack & body combat without breaking my ankles
I wanna learn how to make a perfect cheesecake
I wanna run in high heels
I think I want more shoes (ohh??) lol
I want more tuna sushi
I wanna explore new *lands*
I want more concerts
I want life anyway. Life.

Can we make of all that a single wish? yeah? cool :-)

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