Sunday, February 14, 2010

Waiting for winter to get out of here (tapping foot)

I have this appointment with my gyno tomorrow. No big deal, lol. I know!

It happens once a year, but then you have all the tests to do, etc. When you don't go to the doc, there's no problem, but when you start visiting him/her, he/she always finds something!
... like there are purple aliens (the real ones, The Ripley's kind of Aliens!) hiding in my boobies and soon I'll develop an allergy to tequila sunrise and then my freckles will get so big that I'll be a red spot from top to toes, or my feet won't be able to walk anymore in sexy boots... or something like that.
Yeah, that's stressing! lol

But then on Wednesday, I'll get inked by Sunny Buick. Life's not bad.

Meanwhile, I have some work to do (including making tattoo designs, I've talked too much of that lately and now I have formal requests! gotta make a price on that lol)
I have to work twice more because at the end of the week, the devils are on holidays for TWO FULL WEEKS

I'll survive. No I won't, but I'll get back to life.

Then I have that lunch on Thursday with (ok I don't mention you, my dear, in case it's not official) a close friend of mine. She's in France for a few days and I never miss her when she's around!

Life's pretty good.

So a lot of roaring inspiration (don't ask me what it is) + work, sport -as much as possible-, gyno, work, devils, restaurant, work, tatts and short nights... that should be a good week. :-)

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