Friday, March 05, 2010

flowers & bees? ... bulls and balls!

It's funny to think how much time I've spent in a farm when I was a lil one, and how much a city woman I am today ;-)

My grand-parents had a big farm in Normandy. Stinky mud and rats included lol (told you I was a posh city one!)... Cows and chickens... lots of chickens!
When my sister and I spent time there, we woke up with my grand-pa & grand-ma by 5.00am and went with them to join the other workers and take care of the thousands and thousands of eggs. It was fun for us, we felt like part of the crew.

Anyway, my kids know much more of the city than the countryside but they're not looking for comfort rather for adventure. Tom Sawyer is a kind of model for them.
So when they're in the countryside, they adapt extremely well.

You gotta stop me, I feel talkative! lol

Ok, we went to the salon de l'agriculture yesterday and it was really nice for them!

All these beautiful animals, all these delicious products! Really nice.

They've learnt a few things yesterday (a mama with real knowledge is so precious!), most important one: that there's a difference between balls and tits (udders?)
Well, with humans it's easy. With animals, it's not that obvious! lol
Told them the use of the udders, and for the balls well **shrugging**, I forgot to explain

After this new discovery, Loup spent his time checking if there were balls and or tits on every animals, and Lola, well, took mostly pictures of... balls and tits! lol

Their favorite moment was the 45 minutes ( !!! ) they spent stuck to the glass in front of eggs, waiting for a first chick to get out of the egg.

Oh one of my lil discoveries there were these cornet bags with delicious saucisson ! Yeah instead of usual popcorn, you get saucisson! Yummy!!!

We had a good and fun time, the kids left the fair with their own lil flowers seeds to plant (what we did yesterday evening). Perfect :)

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