Sunday, March 14, 2010

(happy) thoughts

Mahie reminded me that maybe I was not sharing enough news lately. That's right! So sweet of her to miss me this way :) ... I'll give more news, I *promise* (a word I like btw!)

This week has been super busy, aka wonderful! :)

1)I remind you first, my new blog url is:
(the rss feed has been updated)

2)Oh!! On Friday i've got a call from my publishing house, the 2 next Herman books will be published before the end of the month. I did not expect that, what a great piece of news!

3)I've finished my new work, very S&M one (lol, no, not that much I swear!)... I'll make a post of it just above

4)I have not voted today and then believe I will go straight to hell, no purgatory option available anymore.

5)One of my hardest trainers, a Terminator, told me the other day that he and I had really the same thighs! I don't know if I wanted to cry or proudly make a (big) catwalk! lol

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