Friday, March 05, 2010

Chains, walls & sacrifice

There is this young woman doing sport with us, body combat and body attack. She wears a scarf like this one you know? She is also heavily dressed, you can't see any skin except the hands and the face.
I find it very kewl that someone that you wouldn't imagine physically expressing herself that much does such sports!

Yet that makes me feel uncomfortable not because of the religion behind, the beliefs. It's just that workout, sports like body combat and body attack are for women (and men!) definitely a strong expression of pleasure, independence, confidence and freedom ... The contrast makes me feel uncomfortable, yes. As if the body wanted to express something the person refuses to admit. It's not my "problem" of course, but freedom is one of my personal battles, so I feel concerned.
I want Lola to be proud to be a woman, never look down, or hide or make any sacrifice in the name of a person, a god, a religion because of *what* she is: a woman.

Wearing that scarf there.. is like refusing that total freedom to women, not accepting it, putting walls.
Makes me shiver.

Of course she is free to believe what she wants, and she is probably really happy this way. Yet, when I stand near her, feeling so free, there's something really sad. Two worlds.

Fookin religionS.

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