Sunday, April 11, 2010

Girls in boots

On Saturday afternoon, I took Lola for a girlie afternoon. We did it months ago, and that was about time to do it again.

The devils grow up so quickly that I had to find new clothes for both of them. I came back with more than necessary, of course. Dresses and much more for the shrimpette, rocking trousers & shirts with skull or dragon for the lil wolf, + spiderman sunglasses (he slept with them last night lol)

We really had a good time, specially when we both just tried dresses for fun!
But that was exhausting. I like buying stuff, I hate shopping!

The good thing is that I won't buy anything for summer! (after the lil dress I found I mean, it's not reasonable, I know, I feel bad, and good lol)
Everything I have will be the summer fashion: jeans + brown stuff, western style they say.

The very bad thing is that they forgot to make summer boots in shops! REALLY!!! Now that's a real tragedy.


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