Tuesday, April 27, 2010

happy auntie Candy

So I've met the lil one, born last week!

Lola chose his name, unfortunately (lol, sorry my shrimprette but..); she called him Junior... huhu... and there was no way to make her changer her mind to my Anakin!
hehe... (shaking head)

So now we have 3 females, 3 males and that's a bit too many males (the animal world is very unfair, one male should be enough for several females!)

Well ok the other story (which is not better!) is that the males fights a lot and it's good to not have too many of them together.

Anyway, he's absolutely adorable, protected by his mama Rosalie, night and day. And you should see his lil tail going right and left so fast when he's sucking his mama's tits! (happy sigh)

We'll give his big bro, Marius, and his cousin, Fanny to a neighbour next summer. Lil sheep from Ouessant are so cool that it's not hard to find mamas and papas for them :)


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