Monday, April 19, 2010

Men @work, but not only ;-)

woooshing back to Paris :)

I left my babes in Bretonie, and I miss them despite tons of cuddles earlier (I played at "the crêpe"... I'm the crêpe, who wants to be my sugar??... it worked pretty well! a hundred cuddles) **happy sigh**

I arrived in Bretonie yesterday and I'm already back in Paris.

It's been sunny, for real. Where the hobbit house is located, I swear it's warmer than anywhere else in Brittany! Gotta dig a lil pond in the garden, I need more water.

Lola has spent 2 days actively working in the house

She's so happy when she can help and participate for real.

With Loup it's different... he's less concentrated, he'll be interested by something for 2 minutes then will want to start with something else. He is so greedy with life, so curious! Like his sister, just with less patience (boys vs girls huh :P)

And I, well, spent the last 2 days helping Martin with the roof, and sucking sun's light whenever I could ;-)
I learn a lot there. The citygirl that I am has some unexpected qualities in the countryside (lol well, **shrugging**, that's the truth!). At least I am very fond of manual works, I don't fear if it's hard or boring, or apparently not exciting... Making something that will be useful with one's own hands... that's indeed something. I do that as a painter, but it's slightly different. Both being very complementary.
My weekend was fine. Sunny in several ways!

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