Thursday, April 22, 2010

Remember your dreams?

sometimes? yes, same for me.
Unfortunately I don't remember dreams where I'm flying above prairies full of flowers, I mainly remember those who provoke a disturbed sleep. Usually the erotic stuff or the scary stuff.

hm, well I've remembered pretty well my nightmare last night.

It's so real in my mind, that's what scares me. As if it really happened.

I was in a metro station, waiting on the quay for the metro. Just near where the metro arrives first (where the tunnel stops).

And there was this old lovely couple talking near me. Laughing, arguing. Very alive couple.
Suddenly the woman steps back and falls on the rail.

She's not hurt, or does not seem to be. She adjusts, sits straight, with her legs stretched a bit spread. She tries to understand what happened. Recovering.
Everything is slow to me.

Before her husband or I could react, the eyes of the metro appear in the dark tunnel. The lil lady does not hear it coming.
We hear the breaks, too late of course. Too fast.

I instantly hold the hand of the old man.

The metro can't stop and runs over the lil lady, and will finally stop one meter after.

I hold the old man's hand more tightly, he's crying, unable to talk, move or anything.
Tears runs down my cheeks.

We're under the shock. The world has stopped.

I remember the firemen coming on the other side of the rails. The old man and I looking down for endless minutes to avoid "seeing" anything. I remember the "bag" in which they carry the broken dead body.

More tears.

I won't sleep much tonight, 4 hours (after will be on the road). I guess I won't get any dream. I'm too tired for them. Phewwww!


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