Sunday, April 04, 2010

Waving @god and bunnies

what do I tell my children... all these religious festivities when I don't believe in them... hard to explain them -when they ask- about the big *why* !

I've started to talk of Jesus as a legend stuff. Really I don't want to break their lil heart with realities (well, mines at least)... They've already seen a lot of crucifix and feel really concerned with anything concerning this man being nailed on wood boards.

About Easter...I've told them, he died then came back to life (rolling eyes). They asked *how*. I said it's all magic (with a wink...)
Loup asked me if he was really ugly when he came back from his tomb. hehe...

I believe that celebrating legends is a most wonderful thing. Of course my babes will get their chocolate treats, just tomorrow. I will tell them about another legend (thinking quickly!): some god wanting to create a paradise of chocolate for his friends, training hard and asking the Earth kids' approval every year.


When I was a kid, every year on Easter I started an allergy to chocolate. Every year.
Only on Easter time!
I had red marks all over the hands, and arms and legs. And that started after 1 piece of chocolate only!

My body was rebelling already against the ol' legends! :P


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