Monday, May 24, 2010

Feeling concerned of course

I am not an ultra feminist asking for quotas and pushing ideas to extreme(ly stupid) concepts as "a man opening the door of the car only tries to prove his superiority". And no I won't burn my bras, they're really to cute ;-)

But I feel concerned with all the battles females have to lead. There shouldn't be any battle at all, but as long as the society give us reasons to do so, we will have to defend ourselves.

I feel concerned when some work is underestimated because of one's gender. Same as with the colour of the skin, the shape of your body, the colour of the eyes, whatever.

I enjoyed the huge poster from the Guerilla girls that I saw in Beaubourg museum the other day...

"...the Public Art Fund rejected their design because they found the shape of the fan held by the woman to be phallic. (The nudity of the woman raised no objections.) The Guerrilla Girls then decided to rent advertising space on New York City buses and run the ad themselves. But the bus company canceled their lease because they also thought the image was too suggestive"

(the text above is an extract from this page)

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