Sunday, May 30, 2010

Holy... sexy beautiful and happy Marie

I've known Marie since about 25 years now! We were not even dating boys when we met for the first time! lol (yeah I know *that* sounds craaaaazy!)

We spent all our school time together, then university. We shared little papers during maths classes, we visited Scotland together, London so many times, got really drunk together, dressed as Beetlejuice and miss Piggy together, loved Depeche Mode together.

A real friendship. Yet... we're hardly in contact anymore. *shrugging* Oh I know she's there for me, I am here for her. But life took us on different paths. I don't find it sad, it's kewl, it's life!

Last week, Marie got married. The most beautiful wedding I've seen I think. because of the intensity there, the love expressed. It was really unique. I know Marie is truly happy.

And then the wedding party was awesome.

On a barge in front of le Louvre, and just near the inspiring pont des arts! The weather was gorgeous, people at the wedding were very open, champagne was perfect and cherry on the cake, there were 2 baby sitters who took care and played with the kids! The devils had the time of their life, trust me!

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