Sunday, May 02, 2010

La Parisienne

Yes or not...
Shall I participate or not? Dunno... not my favorite kind of sport..

La Parisienne is a race, females race. I hate running though! (well, except in the countryside, when it's hot and stormy) lol ... But I can do it, I have some kind of heavy weekly training already.
The race will happen in September, within Paris. And it's a supa short one: 6km!

If I do it, it's to have a really fun time with girl friends. We might register as a team. Killing one of course! hehe... The lil challenge is the cherry on the cake.
I'm still thinking about yes or no, but... I don't resist such kind of opportunities usually! ;-)

If you want to see the (very Parisian) map of the race, it's right here


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