Sunday, May 02, 2010

L'aut' Parisienne

Am I slow at work? I don't know... I think I am. Working at home is disturbing, you work where you live then get distracted by whatever happens around. Wait no that's an excuse, I'm a bit slow at it, and that's it :)

working on my new website is an endless work, creating everything, from the format of the basket to the choice of a tiny button, without talking of the content itself, images, texts, etc and all the options possible...

Working on my paintings is different... sometimes, like right now, I prefer to not count the hours I spend on it, or I would sell it at a price that would make you faint! lol

Next paintings will be quickies for a change.

With less details.
Once in a while I love a full work, with dozens of stories inside. That's what I'm doing right now, I hope I can show you something finish before the end of next week!


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