Sunday, May 09, 2010

Le hamburger de Lola

I had promised a really good restaurant to my shrimpette months ago. This week, we were alone for lunch, so I took her out.
I wanted something that will be part of her childhood's souvenirs, something she won't forget. She was very impressed with everything:
"Mom, why do the guys keep coming and peeking at us?"
"Mom can I used the table napkin? It's so white so far"
"Mom can you read the menu again and explain me why they put cabbage in the profiteroles?"
(in French we say "pâte à choux" for "puff pastry",
and we use the word "choux" for "cabbage")

"Mom, can I have a hamburger??"

Of course she got it!
They happily served Lola what she wanted, and at the end of the meal she couldn't stop complimenting the chef, telling it was so much better than when she goes to Mac Do' ! I believed her because usually she never finished anything... but this time there was nothing left in her plate! :)

Lola has also been adventurous, she accepted to try the raw mussels I had ordered.

Osyters too, she IS adventurous!

Her lil bro is much more conservative with food, if he does not recongnize what's in his plate, he'll ask for something else! (*shaking head*)

We had a real good time. It was too short though, we had to get back to school quickly. But sometimes we'll do that again, when I sell a painting or two! lol

oh, and here's a wink for the French gang (nobody from abroad can't possibly know "him") ... Can you see the lil "intruder" on the photo, hm? (lol well, ok, you won't have to look for long it's quite obvious!)


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