Sunday, May 02, 2010

Les p'tits Parisiens

get back to school tomorrow!!!

So many holidays for the devils! I already see summer holidays as the big threat! lol! Hopefully this year Loup won't break his leg and I'll get much more time both enjoy these holidays while working at the same time! :)

Well even if I was really busy to make their holidays feel like holidays, I managed to work, and to do something I can almost never do: reading.

Spring feels so good. We're all sucking the sun warmth whenever we can, the winter was a bit too long.

I still haven't won the lottery, can't buy a huge artist' place to have fun and travel all around the world, but that will happen someday. For now, I'm (almost) back to work, I love it (so very lucky me to still be able to make the work I want), and will focus on making a series of dreams come true!

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