Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Brutal Polluters

I'm not very much a *green* one. I mean I'll rather wear a "Kill 'em all" tshirt than a "save the planet" one. Yeah that sucks somehow, but that's how it is. I'm not a green Pasionaria (pasionaria = a woman who actively defend a cause), some do it so much better than I do.

I'm pretty much human, with life priorities (yeah... *that* does not sound very human ;-). Respecting what surrounds me. Trees or human beings, whatever.

What can I tell about BP.

I want to visit Louisiana and Florida. I will.
I just hope people there will be careful enough with what is coming from the see. Gotta protect themselves.

If I ever had the opportunity I would get a plane ticket to... help cleaning the beaches there. Not for *green* purpose, just because I am selfish. I want *my* lil planet to stay clean and welcoming. I want to run into the waters of Florida (you sharks would better stay away from my fat lil bum!), I want to dance on the sands of Louisiana.

I want.

.. told you, I'm not a planet saviour, I'm just a woman caring for her own happiness. How bad does that sound??

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