Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Look into my eyes

...and tell me, you do have a toothache!

You don't, are you sure?

Well, yesterday I had some deep pain, with headache, pain in the ear and throat. I'm already visiting my dentist for another tooth problem, then this new one appeared. Fuck.

Tell me, you do feel pain somewhere in the mouth!

I can't believe my parents made me with such bad teeth (yeah that sounds SO sexy! hehe)... Or is it God punishing me? It must be.
Oh but wait, my lil teeth are very cute and pretty, it's just that some of them have no resistance to sugar. Just the way I am... with sugar too! lol

My new pain was not fake. My dentist wondered how I could even sleep with that pain.
Sigh. I don't know either!

(come on, there's a lil tooth that bothers you right now I'm sure!)

What hurts me the most... the biggest injury I mean, here, is money. I know people do know complain about that openly, but fuck, I do if I want :P
Spending money for that when I'd need to spoil my babes, a new computer, eventually paying gaz and electricity. Yeah, that sucks.


Gotta add that usually I don't mind painkillers shots, but yesterday it was SO painful. Merde! Really felt tears coming. I hate that.

The amazing thing is that after sharing my pain with my sister, she started feeling real toothache! (and still does)

In the next hour my niece broke a teeth :(

Well, if God was not a perv, if he did not have a twisted mind when he created us, he would have done something for the teeth!

-> Achoo!)

PS: the English fairy tooth is our french lil mouse who comes to take the fallen teeth put under the cushions :)


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