Thursday, June 10, 2010

ya can't fool a mom!

Well actually you can.
How many lies did I tell to my mom when I was a kid (and ok, I still lie to her sometimes! Sounds like normal! Hey, she's my mom, not my BFF!)

I think she did not notice all these lil lies I used to say to have the time of my life on weekends... and I hope I won't noticed my devils' lil lies, otherwise.... I'll reach a super high level of stress!
I know what teenager are made of, I've been one of them!

Anyway my devils are still babes, but they can't fool me yet! Mwahaha !

Tonight I was to read them a lil bedtime story.
Loup said he was too tired for that (I instantly got suspicious)
Then I saw Lola hiding a big book under their blanket (they sleep together at the moment).
I had heard them whispering 5 minutes earlier (they're never really discreet!).. Loup had asked Lola to read this book once I'd be gone.

So, well, I started reading their bedtime story for 2 minutes.
Loup was strangely smiling all the time at me (I was laughing inside!)
Then they kicked me out of the bedroom. I knew they had a plan, I knew they had a lil torch lamp under their cushion.

I loved it :)))


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