Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gente damoiselle et beaux messieurs fougueux

The Fête des remparts in Dinan was really good this year. The theme was really interesting : the medieval fears (inquisitors, epidemics, banned temptation of the flesh, invasions, etc).
Too bad we had not enough time to enjoy it as much as I would have wanted.

Took the devils to some tournament, expected something average. But it was so damn good!

The weapons were not too sharp but real enough to hurt anyone who wouldn't be careful enough, the fights, the script, the "players", the horses! We had lot of fun! Lola was about in love with every knight that presented some nice long hair, Loup was crazy for the baddies (and so was I!).

At the head of the baddies, there was some English nobleman (of course! lol) who was arrogant as expected, fantastic. His horse was just like him. very impressive team, the best.

There were real fights, treachery, challenging, etc. And a very alive Lola just next to me! :D


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