Saturday, July 03, 2010

My little Oedipus

Loup has always been very very close to me. asking for my presence since... since.... he popped out of my belly really! :P

It hasn't changed. Oh there are a lot of conflicts between he and I, that's normal. But a couple of hours ago he again started with the Oedipus stuff. That makes me laugh to see how it really happens.

He was in bad mood, shouting.
"You're all just idiots"!

"Who is an idiot, and why?"

"Well Papa & Lola are idiots....." -and then he had a upset look on the face-...... "but you're not!"

"Oh! I'm not? so what am I?"

"you're the mama of course!!!"

"Ok, so, and what are you?"

Loup, grinning as whispering so that no one but me could hear:
"well...... I"m the papa !!!"

lol that was a first time he expressed it this way. That was fun. I wonder how difficult it must be in the lil head of kids when they realize that no they won't marry their papa or mama :)

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