Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A Tuesday on the grill, à la française.

While the government spend like 7 of our millions just for poor communication, to convince 67 years-old is a right age for retirement, civil servants are back in the streets to express their disagreement.

What will come out of all that? nothing.
Retirement? Come on, right now there is so much important than that..
And I'm sorry but again common sense (like a surgeon can't work properly for 50 years!) should prevail and we should stop making one law for all. We should adapt to professions

" One for all and all for one! " really .. that only works for the three musketeers ;-)

The education system is deteriorating year after year, right. But what can I expect from the government? That it defends my own interests? those of our kids? Nope.

I don't ask my mom, who knows me very well, to decide for me... I can't ask a bunch of guys will all the powers to decide what the best for me! Nonsense.
Give me my money back... the government, whatever the political preference, from right wing, left wing will not use the money we give it with common sense (offering the best conditions to kids and teachers to share knowledge) for the sake of our kids.

The strike? ........ What's the point? Block those who have the power, who make the decisions you refuse, not us. That simply sucks.

We throw young teachers in the system like sheep in the Lion's arena. We ask teachers to make the job of the parents. And finally of course the kids and Knowledge suffer from all what the government creates.

What sucks even more is that I can't think of any way to improve the system. Education should be given more money, more means, more autonomy, much more flexibility ?

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