Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beaujolais day ?

As a student, I have pretty good memories of that great marketing event... Happening religiously on the third Thursday of November; it's almost winter, it's always cold, rainy, and celebrating wine sounds like a cool idea.

I wonder if that Beaujolais nouveau  is even known abroad or not.

I don't know why I bought a bottle earlier, I won't even drink it today... I'm just a good target when it comes to wine! Unfortunately the Beaujolais nouveau isn't the best wine, honestly. Well, with luck, it's * drinkable * if you drink it during the event, that is!
Then you're in the mood to celebrate, it's quite cheap, so there you go... you forget you drink crap! lol

Well, I remember I have tried some not so bad in the past, but really... never heard anyone telling his favourite wine was Beaujolais nouveau and there is obviously a reason to that.

edit: I'll try it tonight, won't resist the fun of it (memo to self: one day gotta test my level of "resistance" when it comes to fun, I'll be seriously scared!!!). 
This year they say it does not have a touch of banana but rather of wild strawberries! Yummmm? Yummm!


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