Sunday, November 28, 2010

I wanna do bad things with you ...

Do you have any idea what I'm going to talk about?
Sure, you have...

Well, ok, don't be disappointed, I'm going to talk music and tv.

I have no time for cinema, no time for tv... but then how, I don't know, I get time to watch series on my computer when I'm busy doing stuff that does not require full focus.
And honestly (God bless streaming) there are series that are really as good as good movies. Good plots, actors, clever stuff etc. Also much crap among them, I agree.

Anyway, the last ones I've seen, I would highly recommend them! Actors, plot, all is close to perfection. Maybe I'm an easy target, but then... Let yourself be tempted!!!

I've just watched 3 seasons of True Blood. The vampire stuff is not the most attractive stuff and that will probably be the only series I'll watch about them, but it was highly entertaining! Makes me think differently about Louisiana ;-)
The first 2 seasons are woaaa.... into action!!!!

and then there's Mad Men. That one is excellent, though the trailer never tempted me... I only listened to Michelle's advice and got into it! And if you resist cigarettes and whisky after a few seasons, then you're my heroe ;-)

and the third, that I watched on purpose before getting to Miami (how many seasons, 5, 6?): Dexter. Which is also very good, as a very good book. Except that I don't like at all reading thrillers. Well let's say it's a spicy piece of chocolate!

Have you seen anything lately that deserve some attention?

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