Thursday, November 18, 2010

When Caroline Ingalls gets suicidal tendencies

I've cooked all day, or so! yeahhhh (got the proof below! I'm SUCH a Caroline, sometimes!)

I love giving the devils a sense for treats. Ok, I hate cooking, but I hide it very well for my babes. Today, it was pretty fun, Lola was reading the recipes, like holding the magic book with magic spells... and Loup, lil man of action, was making the cooking part.

While cooking, we always discuss a lot. And then, I started to talk about Christmas. Told them Santa Claus has an official toys list called .... ""

God, I am so naive. They left the cooking instantly and spent hours and lots of sheets of papers to take notes. They've made endless lists.
Loup wants everything in the "weapon" category. EVERYTHING!
Lola wants ... as many things from every categories !

Now they wonder if Santa can really cary everything in a single night ...

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