Sunday, January 31, 2010

Soft stuff

ok, after a brainstorming evening with the devils who helped me a loooot ...

... some doodles and time on photoshop, I got the designs I wanted.

Tomorrow I go to my tattooist for more colours on the swallow before starting anything else.

edit okok, my swallow's done. But I've changed my mind for the other designs. lol (it's just that you have to be 300% sure because once you get it, you REALLY get it)
I'm working on them

A pretty bad week & Little shameful pleasures

it's been a bad week, not THAT bad but bad enough. I've been REALLY sick On Thursday, not for long, 24 hours, but reaaaaaally sick. fever, vertigo, sick stomach.

And taking care of one's devils when you feel that (sea)sick is a kind of challenge. Took me 2 days to recover fully... and stole all my energy for work **sigh**.

But anyway, it was short, and I've fully recovered!

As I've been sick, I've listened not the kind of music I usually enjoy... tada: time for the little shameful pleasures :P

well, ok, Lily Allen, Britbrit and m'am Gaga are still in my top 5 of petits plaisirs honteux"

Bad Romance...olala! lol

we're talking about sex!

(dunno, thought the title would keep your attention :P)

With friends we've been discussing *art* (no, don't leave! lol)

Started to talk about porn and eroticism.
Well, I always jump on my chair when I hear "porn" because it's a word often used to express intolerance.

What's the difference to you?

(hey this is a real *spot the differences* game! :P ... the snail was clearly a porn element though... or maybe not?? damn, you tell me! ;-)

I read porn is just "ugly", "eroticism" more visually satisfying.
In a porn movie you see "everything", in an "erotic" movie, everything is a bit more suggesting.

I don't know, suggesting in some ways can be really ugly and heavy, whereas plain and direct sex can be beautiful too.

My problem with the "porn" word is the judgement people put in it. As if it was something negative, too basic.

Can both of them be forms of art?

To me the difference is the way *sex* is presented (thinking about photography for instance). When it's direct, main topic is what you see... what you *get* is what you *see*, then I'd use the word porn (that I never use anyway lol).

When sex is presented in a context, with other parameters, the colours around, the objects, different possibilities then are given to the imagination, and then I would qualify it erotic.

Maybe we're individually the most qualified to define what we find erotic and *porn* (yuuuck that word!)

I think people when they like it will say it's erotic, when they do not enjoy it or feel uncomfortable, they'll say it's porn.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


... Facebook, the Big Brother's tool (lol)

... Facebook, our savior! (hm, lol? :P)

Martin went to a concert 2 days ago, got his wallet stolen (**shaking head**) while dancing some (not soft) pogo.

On the day after he got contacted via Facebook by someone who found some of his papers: "hello, I've made a research on FB about your name. I was at the Dropkick Murphies' concert, found some of your papers on the ground, how can I send them back to you?"

Et voilà, half of the stress was gone. That is pretty cool.

Beyond Facebook, it's the kind of lil details that make you think people may simply "care" for others.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Next Tat' !

I will soon visit my tattooist to add more colours to my swallow tattoo. He told me he had new great colours and it will be perfect for my existing tattoo.
Sounds cool to me!

Then, what will I chose for my next tattoo?
I would like more tats on my lower back but then, I don't *see* them! frustrating.
I think I'll do more on the arms.
I find tats on the arms for a woman sexy enough (lol, no comment thanks!)
I don't want anything on the breast, anything on the stomach (so far), anything on the legs.

What am I looking for? something visually pretty, that's more important than the symbol to me. I prefer a pretty flower tattooed on my skin than a tribal drawing meaning how wise I am (not :P). Not something hilarious either, that's for sure, lol. Yicks!

So here are my very first choice, but I might turn to ol' school tats, hearts, anchors, etc.

Ok, these ones are pretty symbolic enough, i'm not just a blond one huh! :P

Yeah yeah I've found what I want! I hope my tattooist will find it kewl too!
It will be about what you get above, with more colours :P
I've tried a design with my graphic tablet on one of my photos... and it's very kewl. There will be a skull with wings, surrounded with flowers. I'll add it under my swallow.
On the opposite shoulder there will be a red bleeding heart, with wings.

I already have rendez-vous next week to add colours to my swallow :-)

PS: someone contacted me to ask if he could get this one tattooed on his skin! Of course I agreed :P

Sunday, January 24, 2010

old bones

I could have avoided sport during the weekend, but no, it's a drug to me so I don't decide really, had to do it.

But I gotta say I've not been the supa-active-self I use to be in the past 2 days.
Am I getting OLD? lol
Been out, late, on Friday and it seems I still pay the price for it.
Ok, maybe the excessive sport did not help either.

click here

In the next days (weeks), it will be Martin's turn, he'll get concerts (that I don't want to attend) and krav-maga heavy training for a belt exam in February.
All that will bring me a lot of extra points for free evenings! lol

I wonder how it looks from outside, our lil game of taking turns to go out to party! :P
We go out pretty much, together and also separately when one of us is not that motivated. That works so well!

Besides we have perfect baby-sitter, she's adorable, lives in the same building and gets on very well with the devils.

That means... I gotta train harder these old bones of mine :P

Friday, January 22, 2010

Envie de

wanting a nap on the back of a purring Lion, wanting strawberries & whipped cream, wanting Rosenrot (the music! lol) too

they're not supa credible as guilty monks & priests but hey, that's precisely why it's fun enough

Monday, January 18, 2010

Alice in Candyland

My Alice is done, and I'm very fond of her... She might be a psychopath, but hey, she's my girl! lol

click here

and for details it's right there

and a lil goodie surprise now, for those who had not yet seen Tim Burton's trailer of his own Alice

devils addicted to royalty!

And my grand-mother is really happy with that! lol

They're crazy for the king's cake (?), twelfth-night cake (??), well I mean la galette des rois.

the kind of *candy-approved* cake: it's made in 5 minutes! yeehaaaaa!
I'm forced to put many charms (c'est pas cute ça pour une "fève"? a "charm"! lol really cute)... just because Loup would eat the whole cake to be sure there's no charm left for him.
And it's my way to add bits of Democracy in Royalty. How about that, huh?!

What? too many boots the entrance?

I don't see really... just a couple of pairs..

..and just the minimum for daily use! besides... they're nice, they look good there, otherwise the entrance would just be empty spoiled space!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So reassuring

...because I can do better (I think!)

I stole that brilliant vid' on Jérôme's blog ... (psssshhit Jérôme.. I couldn't let any comment on your blog! booo)

Next one

I've got my ticket for the next Paganfest which will happen in March in Paris!

I'm so excited to get to see Finntroll & Eluveitie on stage again! They're just some of the best ones among folk metal bands!
As for the rest, it will be (more or less) a discovery... should be interesting anyway!

Raise your arm and fill your horns, time for heavy lullabies :P

(ok, I always put the same link for Finntroll, guessing it's the most "accessible" for those who does not enjoy metal! lol...)

the heels quest is over! Phewwww!

So I've sent back the supa **uncomfortable** Geox boots and their 12cm heels... and finally found these supa comfortable ones and their 10cm heels.

Ok, they're not as rock 'n roll as I wanted, but I like them... and I can't wait to get some opportunity to wear them!

You know, what I fear is that I might get a taste for heels and wants to start a new collection!

Belated New Year's eve

Gotta be fast fast, I have not so much time to blog but much to say :P

On the 2nd of January, we've had this lil party at home, we were about 10, with lots of champ', German YUMMY beer (we came back from Hamburg with a car full of bottles lol) and happy kids :P

I put somehow a *postcard* that does not tell much about the evening, but I have many compromising pictures (that I keep for nasty blackmail :P) , because at some point the adults were not adults anymore...!!!

They started to pursue each other in the flat, wearing Loup's amour, crawling on the floor in embuscade, etc! They got crazy and the kids LOVED it!
Nothing could stop them! lol
Romu & Brice, I think you won some medals on that night!

click here

Monday, January 11, 2010


is it time for me to get back to my blog?

**thinking hard**

Monday, January 04, 2010

What's next?

Woaaa this end of the year has been supa speed for me!
Two great weeks abroad, going out a LOT... having great times with the devils!

Then we came back to Paris on the 1st of january, organised a first party at home on the 2nd, was broken by sport on the 3rd. LOL
2010 might some kind of supa active year!

I still have some Xmas party to attend (with my dad & sista) at the end of the week (gotta make xmas shopping again! booooooooooooo), some sport challenge on the same weekend.

I have to find a new grail (pair of boots -lol-), I've to work on my new projects (those which are done already in my mind at least)... Freedom being so much involved in them now, that matters more than anything I think. Breaking chains, constantly. At least, trying. Just to breathe.

... oh, and maybe find some time to rest. But really that is the last of my priorities! :P

PS: if I could add a personal little wish.... I wanna travel! far! I wanna cross oceans!
I want crazy moments and bad jokes
I wanna watch all the seasons I've missed of my favorite series
I wanna finish the book that has influenced me so much
I wanna watch movies that will make me scream and cry and shout and *happy sigh*
I wanna get perfect at body attack & body combat without breaking my ankles
I wanna learn how to make a perfect cheesecake
I wanna run in high heels
I think I want more shoes (ohh??) lol
I want more tuna sushi
I wanna explore new *lands*
I want more concerts
I want life anyway. Life.

Can we make of all that a single wish? yeah? cool :-)

L'homme à femmes (Aldo, sors de ce corps!)

you could think Loup falls for his sister and mama (the photo was taken REALLY late apparently, 2 days ago), but no... he's crazy for an adorable little Ausgustine at school!
When I joined Loup at school earlier, he was reading a book with his little pretty friend. I just stood in front of them with probably the most stoopid smile on the face :)

**happy sigh**

Not my fav vid

but I love the song and the video looks exactly like the concert we've got :D


My feet are ready: soon my new boots will be knocking at the door and I'm getting all emotional at the thought of it!

My feet are exciting, pretty (prepared for the occasion!) and impatiently dancing all around.

I try to calm them down but...**shrugging**... no way.

to be continued..

they're ugly, they don't fit! they're too large! booo oooooo

Saturday, January 02, 2010

just back for more

more... more...? Party time of course! lol

We had planned to organise New Year's eve here at home, so we'll somehow make it tonight with a few dear friends.

For the drinks, we've everything. Now I gotta think what to cook and worse, how to make it...

But anyway, after fantastic holidays it feels good to be back. Much work to do and I'll start tomorrow with that. My mind's boiling already with projects, what a great feeling! **happy sigh**

I've not wished a happy new year to many ones, sorry for that. So far I've done it for my grand-ma and that's about all.

but I don't need the new year to share the warmest thoughts :)