Sunday, November 28, 2010

My crystal ball ...

... tells me it's cool to be an artist, it's even MUCH better to make money while being an artist!

So right now I'm working on stuff I had started years ago... to finally be able to get prints and goodies on my gallery.

I've just finished one of these "extra shops", which is made a bit more for the American market (prints on this site will be sent from the USA).

Time to work on other shops, more possibilities.
And I gotta hurry because inside I boil to get back to pure creation!

Time with my lil wolf

I gotta say, shopping with Lola is much more fun, because she's like a lil lady : interested in shoes and stuf that really matters :P

But spending some time alone with Loup is also very funny!

Well of course you have to resist his strong desire to get new weapons... and he can be REALLY insistent and determined (sigh!)

... but then, he is so alive, curious, funny, open to anything, that even spending 45 minutes in the metro turn to be a real exciting adventure!

His imagination goes beyond what I could believe possible. And that makes life with him very unique!

Glamouritude (well, kind of)

Ever heard of the Ugly Dance?
besides being supa funny, it's a killing marketing tool for the band! yeah!

I hope the link works, it was made for Facebook, but thought you could have fun too playing with it and adding it on your own blog :P

Just click here

I wanna do bad things with you ...

Do you have any idea what I'm going to talk about?
Sure, you have...

Well, ok, don't be disappointed, I'm going to talk music and tv.

I have no time for cinema, no time for tv... but then how, I don't know, I get time to watch series on my computer when I'm busy doing stuff that does not require full focus.
And honestly (God bless streaming) there are series that are really as good as good movies. Good plots, actors, clever stuff etc. Also much crap among them, I agree.

Anyway, the last ones I've seen, I would highly recommend them! Actors, plot, all is close to perfection. Maybe I'm an easy target, but then... Let yourself be tempted!!!

I've just watched 3 seasons of True Blood. The vampire stuff is not the most attractive stuff and that will probably be the only series I'll watch about them, but it was highly entertaining! Makes me think differently about Louisiana ;-)
The first 2 seasons are woaaa.... into action!!!!

and then there's Mad Men. That one is excellent, though the trailer never tempted me... I only listened to Michelle's advice and got into it! And if you resist cigarettes and whisky after a few seasons, then you're my heroe ;-)

and the third, that I watched on purpose before getting to Miami (how many seasons, 5, 6?): Dexter. Which is also very good, as a very good book. Except that I don't like at all reading thrillers. Well let's say it's a spicy piece of chocolate!

Have you seen anything lately that deserve some attention?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beaujolais day ?

As a student, I have pretty good memories of that great marketing event... Happening religiously on the third Thursday of November; it's almost winter, it's always cold, rainy, and celebrating wine sounds like a cool idea.

I wonder if that Beaujolais nouveau  is even known abroad or not.

I don't know why I bought a bottle earlier, I won't even drink it today... I'm just a good target when it comes to wine! Unfortunately the Beaujolais nouveau isn't the best wine, honestly. Well, with luck, it's * drinkable * if you drink it during the event, that is!
Then you're in the mood to celebrate, it's quite cheap, so there you go... you forget you drink crap! lol

Well, I remember I have tried some not so bad in the past, but really... never heard anyone telling his favourite wine was Beaujolais nouveau and there is obviously a reason to that.

edit: I'll try it tonight, won't resist the fun of it (memo to self: one day gotta test my level of "resistance" when it comes to fun, I'll be seriously scared!!!). 
This year they say it does not have a touch of banana but rather of wild strawberries! Yummmm? Yummm!

Of boots and boobs

How can I start this post? hm.

well, let's be direct: the other day, one of my trainer, a killer (much harder than most male-ish trainers), a friend, showed me her boobies, new boobies, between 2 sessions.

I was very curious, Yes I wanted to see! Sport is not a real friend for breasts, you can work hard on your chest, that never make your boobs get bigger!

My trainer had more muscles than boobs and really wanted to get her femininity back.
And god, that was a success! I had never seen newly made boobs from so close and I must say it looked much better than I thought! In perfect balance with the body, really!

And my trainer, who had dreamt of it for 15 years was SO happy! My prejudices faded away. If you're reaaaaaally desperate and sad, go for it (but get the right surgeon, I've seen many ugly stuff in the changing room)!

When Caroline Ingalls gets suicidal tendencies

I've cooked all day, or so! yeahhhh (got the proof below! I'm SUCH a Caroline, sometimes!)

I love giving the devils a sense for treats. Ok, I hate cooking, but I hide it very well for my babes. Today, it was pretty fun, Lola was reading the recipes, like holding the magic book with magic spells... and Loup, lil man of action, was making the cooking part.

While cooking, we always discuss a lot. And then, I started to talk about Christmas. Told them Santa Claus has an official toys list called .... ""

God, I am so naive. They left the cooking instantly and spent hours and lots of sheets of papers to take notes. They've made endless lists.
Loup wants everything in the "weapon" category. EVERYTHING!
Lola wants ... as many things from every categories !

Now they wonder if Santa can really cary everything in a single night ...

Alice's theme

So many jewels when you start exploring tv & movies' music.

Danny Elfman, ok, we all know him, we're kinda used to his style (Wink @the man with the harmonica :P)
But, again, here with Alice... he was quite inspired, that piece keeps stuck in my mind since days!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So choux mes Schu !

How to survive in Paris (#2) ??
... What can you do when when your shoes are SO wet that you're about to catch death any time you wear them?

I've got the answer! Finding new ones! Supa waterproof of course!

(I do love the rain!)

These boots are not in leather, cheap materials (soooo, cheap boots!), but I fell for them, had to get them! And I don't regret! They rock, I'm flying with them on! Oh and their box, the package, so perfect! :P (I'm so much a girl, can't help it - and I don't even try, really - !)

(I absobloodilutely need them in brown too!

No, no obsession here. It's just winter, or so, gotta distract myself sometimes!)

Memo to self : when I win lottery and get my shoe factory, I'll create 2 types for each model, a high quality and a cheap one! (and if anyone wanna steal my super concept... well... I'll bless him / her :P)

How to survive in Paris #1

... when it rains non stop for days and days, and days.

You gotta have a waterproof handbag of course! I mean, I carry my life in my handbag and I hadn't planned my life to get wet so quickly //oO\\.
I needed a waterproof bag. Found one, after days and days of exploration. Got it for such a good price!

Like with most of what I like wearing, it had to be a compromise between Indiana Jones and Marilyn Monroe. Wild, and glamour.

lol I know what you're thinking : what's wild and glamour in this bag???

* shrugging * just everything! :P

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Hoist the Colours!

getting into the mood for the coming belated Halloween party !

Voilà, another fantastic Party at Michelle and Frédéric's yesterday!
Perfect cheesecakes, divine cupcakes & such a warm atmosphere! (& We had a professionnal DJ! yeah yeah!)
We had real good time. Dancing, singing, eating, drinking, games for the kids.
At the end of the party, the kids discovered for the very first time Michael Jackson's vid of Thriller. Lola's fascinated with the dancing part, Loup with the werewolf transformation! hehe

We went there dressed as pirates (had no time to look for real Halloween stuff)... not super original but at least we came as pirates with a French touch: "Pirates on strike"

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

My metal Halloween with a pink tail

(sorry FB guys I kind repeat myself here, but you get an extra drawing at least :P)

Let me see. Back on Sunday evening.
A sore ankle and a * I want to hibernate now and for the next 6 months * kind of mood. I'm in the metro. Crossing Paris. Late for my "rendez-vous" with the cellos' guys.

I wasn't wearing anything special, just dressed in black with loooovely black boots and my favorite black necklace. But once in the Parisian metro, I was suddenly special, plainly dressed among the funniest creatures that were going to their bloody parties.
I had no idea the French were so much into Halloween!
I've had real good laughs on my way to Apolcalyptica's concert!

Well, the concert was good, but... I have actually left before the end of the show.

There's some big part of Apocalyptica that I love (my opinion is that what they do the best is covering metal or classic songs)

I reached some kind of 7th Heaven when I heard them playing for real Metallica's stuff (later they did Sepultura too, so good!)
Want a taste of it? Mmmm

if I didn't stay till the end... it's because... well, they have a singer and OMG... they shouldn't. Want a taste of it too ? (I don't force ya huh ;-). Here's one of their new sung song ;-)
Eeeeeck. nononono, the singer's style does not fit, the cellos neither. Nothing! (personal view huh ;-)

Anyway, once I left, outside to breathe fresh air, alone in the dark..... a HUGE kind of rat faced me. eeeeeck! That was my Halloween treat I guess. The rat did not move. Just faced me, while eating something. Watching me. Can't I even scare a rat??!!! Oh shit, gotta do something about that!

Some kind of pride

That's really what I feel when I open that new book of paintings and collages that I've just published. A very helpful, and beautiful, tool to "carry" all my work with me and show it around (much better than on a screen). Can you see that devilish pride on thet face below (lol). Not a fake pride either :P

 And when I see all what I've done, and all what every colour, every curve or character mean to me, it makes me wanna work so much harder... give birth to many new creatures, to love them even more with my brushes, to build their fate, their happiness or tragedy. Life.

What a power! .... an artist's illusion or reality?
Probably both.

Other and different books will follow. My New year's resolution! (I had none so far!)

Reputation (not fake)

When I go for lunch at JB's, just downstairs, JB serves me 2 beers, directly (=without me asking for anything)! LOL
I swear I can never get used to that ... I mean it! :P

Of course I refuse he does that all the time!
but it's his way to make me feel welcome.

And at some point, you gotta accept with a big smile when you're offered such a pleasant surprise!