Saturday, January 08, 2011

Cats in the cradle (meowwww)

10 days now Conan and Satan are part of the family!

On the first day, they were a bit shy. Just seperated from their mama (sigh)... who started to push them away, anyway.

They did not know where to pee. Which was the expected big source of stress to me. They were not clean yet. Soon we discovered they peed under the Xmas tree! lol. Yeeehaaaaa!
But 24 hours later, while the Christmas tree was suffocating (not from their pee yet but) from their mini feline attacks, they were clean already. Fantastic.

Ok, when I change their litter and it's all new, they like it SO much that they both start to sleep on it! //OO\\

They're very very affectionate, they don't hide, they don't fear Loup and his strange behaviour (Loup has introduced all his weapons to his cat.... Conan of course :P)
Conan the grey is very affectionate, he's bigger, he loves fighting too.
Satan, well, we're still not sure he is a male (lol), we even think that finally Satan is a female. (Let's talk to the Pope now! he gotta know!). Satan is much smaller, very clever.
Both are so affectionate!
They sleep with me, well on me, my neck, my breast. I feel feline with them around.

And god, something I do not regret at all (so far :P)... is having 2 cats! They play together all the time!!! they attack each other, clean each other, play, cuddle and sleep. Oh I would recommend that to anyone.

Their mom is a tabby cat (chat de gouttière), their dad... we're not sure, 3 possibilities. But the ex owner told us that among the three there was the most beautiful cat she had ever seen. A big angora one. And well, they both have really long hairs! I don't care about who's the papa of course... but honestly they are the most adorable kittens you can imagine!


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