Thursday, March 24, 2011

And the Award goes to .... (spoilers included)

The Social Network

because... even if not truly exciting, it's quite entertaining to learn about the fucking gifted and clever bastards  that created Facebook or Napster. And being the users of all their inventions, we feel part of the machine, funny. Scary.

The King's speech

The King's Speech - #1 Trailer par hawkbcn
Well I'm not sure it sums up the movie really. It was my favourite among this list. Why, I think Colin Firth's acting made everything, and all the supporting actors. I truly loved it.

Black Swan

Because you get caught by the atmosphere, the sharp stress. I wasn't attracted at all by the movie. I knew I'd see a wonderful actress acting, but then... The ballet background... of course you expect competition to get really bad... but I must say it was quite surprised and pretty good.

127 Hours

Because of one scene, crazy wonderful, where the main character films himself as in a talk show. It was waw WAW so good! Just for that fantastic scene, I'd watch it again!
I thought the whole movie was predictable. I wasn't wrong. But the acting, the filming + this special scene makes it good enough.

True Grit

For that scene where the young girl crosses the river on her big horse to finally get spanked on the other side for being a disobeying girl! Haha yeah, what a scene! : )))
But the 45 first minutes of the movie were way too long, the ending really bad.

Ok, it was a very subjective movie review, I reckon :P

All these movies have one thing in common: incredible actors, I mean all of them! I was really positively shocked by that!

Ok, the thing is... I just can't get enough of rum, sex and rock 'n roll ... movies lately!
Anything you recommend?

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