Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Meal

Here's my new collage, and another to follow in the next days! yeahhh!
Collages. A passion. I really love the other freedom collages can give, the kitsch side of it makes anything possible. Things that wouldn't work in a painting. That is very exciting.

I'm really happy, might be the first that will hang on my walls (I usually don't put my own work on my walls, there's so much of myself in my work, that it would be like facing mirrors everywhere. Eeeeck. Does that make sense? lol I wonder)

 For details about it, the whys and hows, you should check the page on my gallery.

Again, the photo quality betrays the quality of the collage. It's quite splendid (laughing! no false modesty allowed it seems) when I see it here next to me.
On the photo, it's not sharp enough and it's hard to avoid any reflection because of the varnish on it, which acts like a lil light sucker!

 I'm looking for a plain frame for it, black. I'll sell it framed, with no glass, no need for one :)

 It took me days and days to make it... Collages look simple to do, but it's SO much work. There's always a lot I want to express on my paintings, even more on my collages. I create my realities, my world. Ok, there's always a "front page" story, here a kitty feeding her kittens... and behind a lot more. That's what I like, apparent simplicity hiding a lot more, if you want more. But you can take it for what it is too. Just a fantasy collage, with a mermaid playing the sardine : )

talk about creating my own world...
I swear I'm working hard here!
It's never obvious, so you gotta trust me, thankyouverymuch :P

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